The story of Padgett's Farm is a beautiful story of family, tradition, and new beginnings.


Padgett's Farm is a place of family and realized dreams. Thirty years ago Leslie-- who came from a textile mill town--made his dream of owning a farm a reality when he and Judy, his lovely wife of now sixty years, purchased 610 acres of God's country in Waynesboro, Georgia.


Bobby and his beautiful wife Lisa have carried on the legacy of family tradition as co-owners and operators of Padgett's Farm. They have been able to see their dreams come to life by living on this beautiful property for thirty years where they have raised their three sons. They have also been able to welcome their oldest's son's bride into the family on the farm, Recently they have welcomed their first grandchild, Isabella. The legacy continues!


Ryan, the oldest son of Bobby and Lisa, married the love of his life, Valery, here on the farm. Ryan and Valery have recently been blessed with their first daughter, Isabella. Today they continue the legacy by working the family business with his dad and grandfather.



Traci, the youngest daughter of Leslie and Judy, knew that the farm meant family. She wed the love of her life, Fred, over twenty-five years ago. Their wedding was the first to occur on Padgett’s Farm next to the picturesque pond but was far from the last. Fred and Traci were also very fortunate to be able to raise their three sons on this beautiful property.


Beau is the son of one of Leslie and Judy's daughters, Renee. Beau was recently able to welcome his beautiful bride, Sarah, into the family in the newly built chapel. In this photo you can see Leslie Padgett officiating the wedding of one of his grandsons, on the very estate that he was able to make a reality some three decades earlier.

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